About Me


Hi! I am Kerry and welcome to my eco-friendly space 😊

Caring for our planet and the environment has always been a passion of mine! My goal is to create eco-friendly alternatives to regular day-to-day products, starting with my creation of cleaning pads for you!
I believe that together we can make a huge difference! Just a few small changes can bring about fantastic results ❤
I am happy to do my part to help our environment and I look forward to creating more eco-friendly products for you all!

“Thank you for your trust and support, I am excited to see my products reach more people and I hope you all love them as much as I do!”

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My Vision

We are the ones who shape our planet, let’s do it the smart way!

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History of Beginning

At first a small passion, now it’s something more.


What I really do?

Homemade environmentally friendly scrubbies – 100% biodegradable cleaning pads in a wide range of gorgeous designs!